An urgent loan was the solution for my dog ​​Sacha

“The urgent loan has allowed us to pay for its operation at a time when our savings were not enough.” Juan Crisostomo tells you about his experience with unforeseen events that he had to face, but with a very happy READ MORE

Mortgage: how to build your loan application file.

Borrowing is also a matter of formalities.   To obtain your loan, you will thus constitute a file which you will present to the bank. It contains a whole series of documents and supporting documents. These relate in particular to READ MORE

How do you choose the best loan?

The need for extra money usually appears suddenly and forces you to act quickly. There is no time to browse dozens of loan company offers because we need money immediately. So how do you find a loan and not lose READ MORE

Bridging insurance: a temporary collateral for the loan

Some of them are obligatory and appear in every bank, but some are optional – using them is not always necessary and profitable. The insurance will appear when the customer’s own contribution to the transaction is less than 20%. The READ MORE

Get a Holiday loan now

The financial market offers us a range of savings products – bank accounts, deposits and investment funds are available. What will be better for us? What to choose without knowing the financial market or products offered by financial institutions? Statistics READ MORE

Home equity loans, what do they consist of?

Home equity loans are loans in which their return, in addition to being guaranteed in a personal way (the debtor is responsible for the return of the loan with all his assets), is also for real property. Thus, if the READ MORE

Loan Comparator. The best loans and credits on the market

Request money comparing If you need fast money, the easiest way to obtain it is through our fast online credits, small short-term loans that are applied for through the Internet with little paperwork and are intended to finance specific needs. READ MORE

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